Personal artwork done primarily in Photoshop in a variety of styles, from freehand to layer abuse. And I have been known to use filters. Some of these images date back to 1999.
Personal renderings done using trueSpace, Rhino3D, and Maya. This collection starts in 1998, which is when I was using trueSpace, of course.

2D layout work primarily focused on logos and web design. 1999 to 2004.
I'll often create renderings that don't really fit in any of the other collections; they're less complete than my personal 3D work, but still interesting and worth showing. This is where those renderings usually go.

In the past, I have worked as an Artist at video game studios. Occasionally I'll post some of the content I created into this collection. This ranges from in-game HUD work, to textures, models, and illustrations. Right now this collection primarily features work done for a Microsoft / Digital Anvil game called Brute Force, which shipped in 2003 for the xbox.
Random quick sketches from various eras

Here are some examples of things I've built for various reasons ... and of varying levels of quality.
At some point in my life, I started to really enjoy lighting and learning about light sources, from a technical standpoint as well as an aesthetic one.

No summary!

No summary!

Photographic expo of places I've traveled; primarily hiking, but some city shots thrown in as well.

Adaptive Color Reduction
Achieving high quality color reduction by taking advantage of unsupervised competitive learning, specifically a technique called Growing Neural Gas.
Artificial Sketching
Teaching a computer how to sketch by using basic DSP and a special kind of orientation-sensitive filter.

Color DNA
Taking images and plotting unique and colorful patterns representing how they use color.
Easy Volume Rendering
Forget fancy hacks to render volume data! Just stack up dozens of planes and wait a few hours for your renderer to respond again.

Some of my stand-alone UI-driven applications, as well as a game engine and its tools. Primarily written in C++ and C#.
Small projects made to explore new ideas and tech. Mainly C++.